About Alice

So I thought I’d kick start this brand new blog with a bit about me, my mission, and what the heck I’m wanting to achieve (apart from world domination). It’s a hard place to know where to start really, I’ve been on many different career paths which have ultimately led to me having multiple projects; I have started a successful clothing line, as well as a graphic and website design freelancing business and now a branding creative agency… I guess I’m what you call an entrepreneur! If you’d have told me when I was in college that I would be my own boss at 23 I would have laughed in your face. I just thought I’d be the same as everyone else; go to uni, get a job, work 9-5, and slowly climb the ladder until I reached on of the top levels. It wasn’t until I got to uni that I really started to question what life was all about, and what IΒ really wanted to get out of my career. I decided that life is for living, and that I simply refuse to be the same as everyone else. I wanted to be that one person who made it, the next Richard Branson if you like. I know I’m not exactly there yet, but down to my perseverance, big dreams and creativity, I’m well on my way.
I hope to inspire other creative, big dreamers to realise that it is possible.
I want to encourage each and every one of you to dream big, and do it – that business idea you thought of when you were 15, that ‘dream job’ you describe when people ask you what you wanted to be when you were younger, that article you read in that magazine that featured a self made millionaire… All of it is possible for you, and if you truly want it enough, you will make it. I decided to start this blog to provide you with an insight as to what it’s reaaaally like being your own boss, including all the nitty gritty details that you may not find elsewhere on the web. I want to share with you my ups and downs, as well as my inspirations and the things that keep me moving and driven. I want to shine a spotlight on other entrepreneurs who are on their own journey, and bring you resources and lifestyle advice that helped me, so that if you are thinking of making the entrepreneurial move then you can do so. Most of all I just want to inspire you, to show you a way of working that you may not have thought is possible, and to encourage to make the leap and do it too. It’s not easy, comes with it’s downfalls (there are plenty), and yes it does mean lots of work, but if you want it enough you will get there. So… (here comes the cheese) DREAM BIG AND DO IT.