So this post is going to be a little different. As a few of you may know, I’m in the process of turning all my freelance work into a full creative and branding agency (exciting times).

There have been many reasons for this, which I’m sure I will blog about at some point, but it’s mainly so that I can really get behind new entrepreneurs and business start-ups and help them make their ideas a reality.

Like I’ve said before, running a clothing line wasn’t for me, even though it did start to gain momentum. I learnt SO much in the process, and I’m a big believer that lessons can be learned in everything. The main thing to be born, was my passion for helping other start-up businesses succeed. Here I want to take the opportunity to talk to you about a new brand who I have the pleasure of working with, and whom I’m incredibly excited about. As one of my first official clients of my agency, I’ve found it so rewarding to be able to work with them on their launch and tell them what I’ve learnt from the process…

Touch of Tweed is a fresh, unique and British-produced clothing line which focuses on combining both the coastal and country style. Ran by partners Catherine and James, Touch of Tweed was born earlier this year and is currently in it’s crowdfunding phase. They’ve designed 2 gorgeous sweatshirts; one for men and one for women, both of which are super cosy, soft and British made.

Touch of Tweed clothing is dedicated to developing clean line country and coastal wear that reflects everything we live for in providing quality British made garments. Understated detailing and Great British craftsmanship run through all our products whether it’s a subtle hint of tweed on the cuff of a sweatshirt or a bolder colour inside the hood, all our garments are designed and made with love, care and attention to embrace all your country and coastal needs.

The mens & womens sweatshirt

What makes this brand extra EXTRA special is all the little touches that go into making each sweatshirt. Whilst I’ve been working with them, I’ve come to discover just how many extra miles they’ve travelled to make this a jumper which does good, as well as looks good.

They pride themselves in quality, and provide garments that use small elements of refreshingly coloured country style tweed combined with comfortable and versatile country designs to give us a unique and fresh garment that we can be proud to wear.

 We have created our very first designs; one male and one female sweatshirt that combine the fashions of both the country and coast, but are high quality, built to last, made sustainably, are comfortable, and fit well.
Their jumpers are made up of 100% eco organic cotton, sourced from a lovely family run business, who get their cotton from farms which use no harmful chemicals or pesticides, which in turn helps to support local farmers. A mill in Yorkshire also provides the 100% British woven tweed, which is used to add a pop of colour to each of their jumpers, which is also produced using environmentally friendly dyeing methods.

Another great thing, is that each and every garment is made here in the UK in a factory in Sheffield, which ensures that every garment is quality checked and is to the highest standard.

Because of all this, you can say hands down, that Touch of Tweed is a beautifully British brand, which supports the British economy, which I think is FANTASTIC, and should be made a higher priority by a lot of other businesses.

Since working with Catherine and James, I have noticed both the determination and passion they have for their products, and because of this I know they will be able to tackle anything that comes their way! They both juggle full time jobs, so between them they have put in the extra hours in the evenings and weekends to make this idea a reality, which I can say from experience, does pay off! They are different, in that they actually care about their environmental and economical impact, something which I also think is very important in the world of business.


Catherine & James designing their collection

Please, PLEASE go give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so that you can stay up to date with their progress.

To get your hands on your own jumper head to their website here and get your pre-orders in. There’s some great early bird discounts so get your order in now before it’s too late!