1. It’s Super Easy To Set-Up & Manage

If you are wanting to manage your store yourself and not have to rely on a website developer to do it for you, then Shopify is the place to go. Anyone can learn to use it, and with the extensive list of how-to guides and online blog posts you can easily find your way around and learn how to use it.

The interface is super simple and clearly laid out, making it perfect for newbies and those who aren’t so technically minded! Setting up is easy too; Shopify takes you through a step-by-step process which clearly outlines everything you need to do.



2. Everything Is In One Place

Say goodbye to confusing hosting and domains conversations. Shopify uses an existing domain you’ve bought or you can register for one with them, and they also host your website for you. You don’t need to worry about anything – everything is under one roof, which the monthly cost includes.



3. It’s Affordable

The above point brings us to the price. If you are looking for a cost that won’t change, and will stay the same month on month then this is the place. You can choose a plan that suits you and your business, and each monthly fee covers all hosting/domain/usage. The basic plan starts at $29/month which equates to about £22 (I think!)

See all the Shopify Pricing Plans here.



4. You Can Get A Designer (AKA Me*) To Create It For You

If you’re wanting someone to get creative and design your store for you, Shopify lets you grant admin access to other people so designers can go in, do their thing and then either be removed by you, the owner, or kept on as a designer with their own login so they can do any amends as and when it’s needed. I do this for a couple of clients – I hold my own logins and accounts for each site I’ve designed so if they want something changing or a revamp of a theme I can do so, without having ownership of the site.



5. You Can Choose From A Range Of Themes, Layouts & Customisation Options

You can choose a basic template for the layout of your store. Of course each theme is fully customisable (depending on your plan) and you can edit colours fonts and of course all the pictures and product information! There are seriously tonnes of layouts available, each suitable for a range of different business structures.



6. Multiple Payment Options

Shopify is compatible with a number of payment methods from debit/credit cards to PayPal – you can use nearly any payment gateway!



7. Quick, 24/7 Support

This is a very important factor I think. Shopify have a host of ways in which they help, one of the most being a simple 24/7 chat box in which you can speak directly and instantly to a Shopify Guru who will help you out with any problem or query you have. You can also search a host of online forums for common questions people ask which provides a very quick and easy solution to most problems!

Of course if I’ve worked with you I will always be on hand too!



8. Multiple Functions & Built-In Tools

Want a blog? A gallery? A contact form? A slideshow? Shopify comes with a host of tools and plugins (some free some paid for) which allow you to do pretty much anything! I love this because you really can get creative, and use a variety of methods to showcase your brand and it’s products/services in a unique way.



Overall, Shopify is great for simplifying e-commerce, and for providing a website that’s clean, clutterfree and user friendly. As you can tell, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to set up an online store. It’s what I use for my clothing line, as well as for my clients websites who are selling products online!

Obviously there are other options for ecommerce websites, I often use WooCommerce too (but I’ll write a separate blog post on that). Shopify is a good option for smaller businesses with a relatively small product line, and if you’re not too good with complicated website management then it’s the perfect way to maintain control!

Looking for a designer? I’ll of course help you out. If you want to find out more contact me here, or email me info@aliceroseowen.com


*sorry not sorry for the shameless plug